What does “coding with conscience” mean anyway…

Posted April 27th, 2009 in coding, community, conscience, technology by bitmaster

What’s up with that “coding with conscience” motto anyway?

A little backstory. When I was quite young I got a job working at a golf course. I saved up my funds and bought my first computer, an Apple II. Since there wasn’t a whole lot of software available, and frankly after spending every penny on the computer, there was nothing to do but write my own software. Thus began my career in software development. Sure, I started with “Hello World!” But my projects quickly became much more complex. From the very beginning I wanted to find useful software to write, and through a very long career I’ve developed all kinds of software, for all kinds of organizations. But I really hoped to leave my mark on technology and the community with my strongest skill – developing technologies.

Fast forward a few decades. I’ve worked on quite a few professional projects, including working on one of the biggest, most well know software applications on the planet. Working on that application changed my life in many good ways. But none more than re-firing my desire to develop technologies that have a positive effect on communities. Some day, I’ll explain what that application is, and what happened to influence my desire to develop technologies to help people. But for now, I’ll say it’s inspired me to think much more about the technologies we develop, the positive and negative impact of those technologies, and the role that technology plays in the larger scheme of things.

Hopefully as some of the project roll out of here, what we’re trying to achieve will be more clear. And maybe, if we’re lucky, we’ll inspire others to “code with conscience” too.